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HOPE SPACE,Bring more possibilities to your dream creation space.

In 2016, hope space (Shenzhen Houpu Space Furniture Co., Ltd.) was founded in Shenzhen. The exhibition hall in Longhua new area covers an area of 1500 square meters. The exhibition hall is equipped with European brand furniture experience hall and brand original system furniture.

Hope space has quickly gained the attention of many European brand furniture companies in terms of its popularity and reputation in the industry. In 2020, hope space reached cooperation intention with many famous furniture brands in Europe, and was authorized by Italian pedrali, Netherlands bruynzeel, Spain actiu furniture factory, becoming the partner of the brand in China.


Actiu is a European system furniture company which has developed for more than 50 years. With 100000 conventional furniture products, it has managed 6000 customized engineering projects, and 120 countries around the world have product exhibition centers. It is the first industrial manufacturing enterprise in the world to obtain welltm V2 and LEED ® platinum certification at the same time.

Pedrali was founded in Palazzolo sull'oglio in 1963. It is a well-known European office and residential furniture brand. It has a history of 57 years, ranging from renovation projects of hotels, restaurants and cafes to large-scale projects of cultural spaces such as museums, libraries and exhibition halls. From innovative corporate headquarters to new residential buildings, in this section, you can view project options with a pedrali furniture solution.

Bruynzeel storage systems is a market leader in the development of space efficient archiving and storage systems, as well as a global leader in dense and electric cabinets.

The management team of hope space has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in space design and furniture project implementation at home and abroad. Relying on the unity and excellent management of the team, with the help of 20 years of foreign project accumulation in the manufacturing plant, hope space has quickly determined the brand awareness in the domestic market and has successfully won the recognition of many well-known customers. In the past three years, hope space has signed large-scale customers, including byte beat, ape question bank, Ping An Bank, Huaxia happiness, Innovation workshop, bolenwald, panorama, Zhenye group, Tiangu, Xicha, baoxinyu, Kerry construction square, Tian'an digital city


Looking forward to the future, hope space will combine European original design concepts and products, stimulate the infinite potential of office space with exquisite design and high-quality products, create outstanding and extraordinary space experience, and create value for customers. We focus on the well-being of our employees and support them to work efficiently and learn easily. We will work together with our partners to design a high-quality, efficient and happy space with a global perspective.